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ADRA Colombia Director Participates in Prominent International Convention on Climate Emergency 2023

22 September 2023 | ADRA Colombia Press.

Jair Flórez Guzmán, the Director of ADRA Colombia, joined a distinguished group of experts and political leaders at the International Convention on Climate Emergency 2023, held in the Colombian capital, Bogotá D.C. During this highly significant event, the substantial contributions of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Colombia to address climate emergencies, both at the national and global levels, were explored.

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[Photograph: ADRA Colombia]

The convention brought together a select group of national and international panelists, as well as political leaders, including the Governor of Antioquia, Dr. Aníbal Gaviria, and the Mayor of Bogotá, Dr. Claudia López. These guests shared valuable insights and perspectives on the climate crisis affecting our planet.

This event provided a unique platform for learning, connecting, and collaborating in the pursuit of effective solutions to one of the most pressing challenges of our time: climate change. The 2nd International Climate Emergency Convention served as a space for the exchange of knowledge, reflections, and inspirations, promoting new projects that help address the climate crisis coherently and conscientiously.

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[Photograph: ADRA Colombia]

Topics addressed during the sessions included gender and climate, air quality, sustainable mobility, climate finance, governance, biodiversity, circular economy, and resilient urban development, among others.

The two-day program was filled with emotions, lectures, and panels featuring representatives from various organizations, district and departmental entities, social movements, academia, and NGOs. These experts shared their experiences and challenges, providing a ray of hope regarding how this phenomenon is being tackled and the future of our planet.

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[Photograph: ADRA Colombia]

The Mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, highlighted the importance of actions taken during her tenure: “During my term, I had the great fortune of creating the Climate Action Plan, the Sustainable Mobility Plan, and the Territorial Planning Plan simultaneously. All three are perfectly aligned.”

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[Photograph: ADRA Colombia]

Jair Flórez Guzmán, the director of ADRA, emphasized the role of NGOs in the fight against climate change: “Along with ADRA directors and leaders worldwide, we have been working on the issue of climate change and the green economy. This was a topic addressed during our visit to Turkey in March, where the need for the Adventist NGO to contribute to climate change and the environment through its actions was highlighted.”

Flórez underscored the role of NGOs in raising awareness among society about the environment and climate change through training, education, and formation activities.

The International Convention on Climate Emergency 2023 stands as a crucial milestone in the fight against climate change, bringing together leaders and experts committed to finding effective solutions to protect our planet and promote a more sustainable future.


By Elva Gómez Oviedo, Editor