ADRA Colombia


Marlene and part of her family immigrated to Colombia with the hope of improving their quality of life and being able to provide timely medical treatment for her granddaughter.

Bucaramanga, April 2023 | ADRA Colombia Press.

Marlene made the decision to emigrate with her daughter and grandchildren, especially due to the health condition of one of her granddaughters, who has cognitive and physical disabilities, requires medication and diapers frequently, and a wheelchair. In Venezuela, it was not possible to obtain them due to their economic situation and lack of money.

They traveled from the state of Lara in Venezuela, undertaking long journeys on foot, and after 10 days, they managed to reach Bucaramanga. An acquaintance provided them with accommodation in her house for 15 days until they were able to rent a room for everyone.

Marlene takes care of her granddaughter, who requires constant care. Marlene makes an effort by selling sweets at the exit of a supermarket and asks people for help to supplement her family’s income, along with the money she collects and the money her two sons manage to find.

In the midst of the economic difficulties they were experiencing, a neighbor told her about ADRA and the health campaigns that would be carried out in the neighborhood where they live. She attended and, together with her granddaughter, was able to be registered in the SASVEN project, implemented with the support of ADRA International. They were treated at the Mobile Medical Unit, and Marlene also received medical treatment for her hypertension. This unit has the necessary adaptations for people with reduced mobility to receive health services.

She tells us about the constant challenges of accessing specialized health services in Colombia for her granddaughter due to their irregular situation. However, since her granddaughter became a beneficiary of ADRA, she has received general medical attention, laboratory tests, and medications that have significantly helped improve her health.

Thanks to the Mobile Medical Unit, ADRA has been able to reach distant areas located on the outskirts of the metropolitan area of Bucaramanga and provide health services. Marlene expresses that it has been of great help because ADRA came close to her residence and has facilitated her granddaughter’s access to services, taking into account her physical disability and the conditions of the place where they live, which has very limited public transportation and difficult access roads. “Coming here is proof that the angels continue to accompany me since I left my country, and you are the real evidence of that. Thank you very much, ADRA, for being our support.”