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Hope and Security Amid Adversity: SASVEN Program by ADRA Colombia Impacts Betzabeth's Family's Quality of Life

April 14, 2023 | ADRA Colombia Press.

“At times, I’ve wished that my children would wake up late so I could save a meal because I have nothing to give them in the morning,” expressed Betzabeth Barragán, a resilient woman residing in the city of Medellín who works in recycling to support her three children. Despite her hard work, Betzabeth and her family have faced difficulties in accessing proper food.

There are days when she has had to rely on charity at vegetable shops to obtain basic foods like potatoes or bananas.

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[Photograph: ADRA Colombia]

Despite her situation, Barragán carries out her work with dedication and determination. She recounts that one of the greatest emotions she experiences in her recycling job is when she finds clothing because that means she can bring it home for her children. Her little ones’ eyes light up with joy when they see their mother returning with her treasure: new clothes for them.

“When my children see me coming, the first thing they say is, ‘Mom, what did you bring me?’ And what I take out is the clothes, and they get excited because for them, it’s something new,” she commented.

One day, while she was working, she received a call from ADRA Colombia. They informed her that she and her family had been beneficiaries of food aid.

“At that moment, I got extremely emotional. I kept saying to the lady, ‘I don’t quite understand you, tell me, I’m very happy, but who’s speaking, and how come food aid, how come?'” Bezabeth recounted. “Many emotions crossed my mind, and I was overjoyed,” she expressed.

Bezabeth found it difficult to comprehend that someone cared about her situation and offered a helping hand in her time of need. From that moment on, everything changed.

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[Photograph: ADRA Colombia]

Thanks to this assistance, Betzabeth and her children no longer went hungry. The food aid guaranteed them lunch and dinner, alleviating their worries about lack of food. But ADRA’s assistance didn’t stop at food. Betzabeth also highlighted that her children had consultations with nutritionists, allowing them to learn about proper nutrition and which foods they should consume. ADRA also provided medical assistance to her entire family, thereby improving their access to healthcare.

It is worth mentioning that this aid is part of ADRA’s SASVEN program, which has benefited over 24,000 people in Colombia. According to figures provided by the Adventist Agency, 12,715 individuals have received food assistance in the form of prepared meals in Bucaramanga, while 7,252 people have been helped in migration corridors in Santander, receiving first-response medical attention. Additionally, 10,820 beneficiaries have been attended to in general medicine consultations.

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[Photograph: ADRA Colombia]

The SASVEN program has proven to be an effective tool in improving the quality of life for Venezuelan and Colombian migrant families. ADRA’s dedication and commitment in their work have managed to change the reality of many families like Betzabeth’s, providing them with hope and a healthier future.

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Betzabeth Barragán, a beneficiary of ADRA Colombia's SASVEN initiative, has been assisting thousands of families from Colombia and Venezuela in various northern cities with food bags, meals, and free medical care for months. [Photograph: ADRA Colombia]

“If there’s one thing I have to thank ADRA for, it’s for ending the misery of my children having nothing to eat,” expressed Barragán. “ADRA is the security I didn’t have, the hope I thought was lost, and the love that my children and I were missing,” she added.



*Result of the SASVEN Project during April 2022 – March 2023.